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CashTM- Instant Personal Loan

CashTM is an instant personal loan platform for mobile users. CashTM offers loans up to Rs 50,000 with low interest rate in a convenient and secure way 24*7 online. The application processes can be completed at anytime and anywhere in 5 minutes.

  • 100% Online Process
  • Higher Loan Amount
  • Convenient Application and Fast Approval
  • Low Interest Rate
  • Data Security

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CashTM is a personal lending platform designed specifically for mobile internet customers. 100% smartphone-based experience delivers instant access to your funds and full functionality.

Apply for a loan:
Aadhaar Card & PAN ID

Aadhaar Card & PAN ID for identity verification

Bank Account

Bank Account for fund disbursement

Basic Information

Other simple basic information

Pay your due:

Just log in your CashTM APP & click the Pay button for instant repayment. Timely repayment improves your credit profile & increases your future credit limit.

Product Features

Loan Amount on our Instant Personal Loan App : 2,000 – 50,000 Minimum interest rate: 12%, Maximum interest rate 24% Processing fee on personal loan app : Rs 250 to Rs 1000

An example of our loan:

For a 10,000 Rs loan, processing fee + gst is 400 Rs, interest is 470 Rs, total repayment is 10470 Rs. If you are a loyal customer and keeps repayment on time, we will gradually reduce your fee and interest rate. Our goal is to offer you 5% processing fee and 12% interest rate after you stay with us for a year.


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